The prompt for this project was to incorporate a number of photographs of a subject matter into a composite image. In English, this means to take a lot of photos of the same thing at different times and compile them into one image.

I thought of my friend Irene, who has impeccable style, right away! I wanted to show how many clothes she had with this project, partly to make a cool final project and partly to sortof make fun of how many clothes she has (it’s an inside joke thingy).

Taking the pictures for this project was a lot of fun. First I  had to decide on a location, and I chose right outside her room, in the hallway. I thought that the linearity of the place would help me once I had to actually cut the pieces and line them up (and it did!). I also really liked how this scene reminds me of the scene in “The Shining”, with the two little girls in the middle of the hallway. It was pretty spooky because of that.

After taking the photos, I was deciding which ones to use and realized there were way too many photos for such a small surface area. I had taken 28 photos of Irene in different outfits, but I definitely did not use all of them. I chose and cut specific parts of each outfits that I liked and just used them. After cutting the photos into horizontal strips, I started to realize how hard it was to match up each photos with another so that it’d be consistent. Thank god for the linear background or else I would have been lost.

My main focus in this project was to keep the background as accurate and compatible as possible (I didn’t want the lines to be off) and this resulted in Irene being a little off because she didn’t stand in exactly the same posture or position for each photo. However for the sake of the background, this was a sacrifice I was willing to make. For the most part, the piece is pretty consistent.

I kept some places blank to include a break. At first, it was just her face I didn’t include (so I can protect her identity), but I realized that just one blank spot was awkward and added another near the knees (which were the most uninteresting part of her outfits).

In conclusion, I thought this project was a lot of fun and am happy with the way it turned out!

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