For this project we had to take four pictures, each following one of these four guidelines:

  1. Highly contrasting lights and shadows
  2. Extreme Vantage Point
  3. Transparencies
  4. Anomaly

We also had to have a central theme around our photos so they wouldn’t be so random. I chose to do rocks because rocks are not appreciated enough in our daily lives. They are everywhere, yet so forgotten. I thought that I should spotlight their beauty and usefulness through this project.



This photo was the highly contrasting lights and shadows. The tricky thing about this particular photo was that no matter how well I took it, the picture still looked grainy– because it’s a rock. I liked all the crevices and grooves that this sculpture created. This created highly contrasting lights and shadows.IMG_1320



This photo is the anomaly. At first I had to look up the definition of anomaly, which is: “something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.” I had to recreate this scene but I was inspired by the different shades of the rocks that decorate the parking lot sides of the art building. The rock in the middle is not “normal” compared to the white rocks that surround it. IMG_1342




This photo is an example of Extreme Vantage Point. It is a picture of stairs shot from the bottom, and to add a little subject matter,  I also placed a little rock on the first stair. IMG_1351



This photo is the transparencies photo. Initially I had trouble with this one because I did not want to be “basic” and just take a picture of a window or some sort of glass. I got this idea when I was taking a photo of the sky with my phone. I realized that the Samsung Galaxy phone camera is technically “transparent” because it allows us to see through the phone. So I took a picture of the rocks with my phone camera and then placed it in accordance, then took another picture of the arrangement with my actual camera.IMG_1375

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