sdjkhfs      freeform

So far, this was my favorite assignment; especially the second part of the project.

The prompt for the first one was to take the letters composition we made before and combine them into and abstract series of boxes that had consistency in the negative space. Though my piece didn’t really have a specific “negative space”, I chose the lightest color to be it for this project. Then I matched up the muted beige with each other. What I quickly realized was that there were other shapes in there that interfered with the continuity of the background, for example, the thick black lines were really hard to match up with each other. Eventually, I kind of gave up the idea of having a consistent beige background and started to cater to the black and colored lines instead. What I saw was that this technique created an almost cascading effect that jumbled together at the bottom. The colors are very muted and dark which I thought was a good contrast to the composition of the letters.

The second piece was my favorite. We had to arrange shapes or letters (I used a sunflower seed shape) and make a cascading composition with them. I thought this was pretty ironic because my last piece, though I didn’t realize it then, had the same effect as well. Creating this composition wasn’t too hard. I like to do this sort of design, and I always love working with slightly deformed shapes. The color scheme, like always, was the hardest thing to figure out. In the end I tried to give this piece an oceanic feel. It looks like bubbles cascading, not up to the surface, but towards the viewer. There is a sort of 3D effect in there which I liked.

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