BW Box2

BW Box2Embellishment


This assignment was divided into three parts.

The second piece was an embellished, more complicated version of the first, and the third piece was a text design design based on the first composition.

All three pieces were very experimental, seeing how I did not have a plan nor an idea of what I wanted to do before actually starting the project. But because I was going to use the first one as a basis for all the other, I experimented with it the most.

The second piece I started adding details and embellishments from one corner to the next. Working through the composition little by little made it easier to focus on the details.

In the third piece I based the structure on the first composition of black and white boxes. I started layering the boxes of text in the same pattern and then added larger letters on top. Finally, I put the blocks of color as the last layer.

I learned a lot about composition and even how color affects the mood of an artwork by working with the third text composition.

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